Lil’ Clock by Viihdevintiöt

Lil Clock

Lil’ Clock is a fun kids app for learning how to tell time!

Viihdevintiöt is a Finnish media that has been focusing on games and applications for children for more than ten years. And Lil’ Clock is the first official app published by Viihdevintiöt!

Over the years, Viihdevintiöt has tested hundreds of educational games for children, and recommended to readers what to download and what to avoid on children’s phones and tablets. In addition to educational games, we also cover media education and screen time.

Lil’ Clock is made according to the principles that Viihdevintiöt values in children’s games. It is educational and 100% safe for small children.

When you give Lil’ Clock to your child, you can be sure of the following things:

  • No advertisements
  • No in-app purchases
  • No data collection
  • No need for an internet connection

Lil’ Clock, or in Finnish ’Kellonen’, is currently available in two languages, Finnish and English. The game includes two sections: a goal-oriented game and free practice. You can choose between languages and game types from the parents’ section.

We hope you and your child enjoy Lil’ Clock!

If you have comments or questions, you can email us in English at kellonen AT viihdevintiot DOT fi

If you don’t yet have the game, you can install it here: